Thursday, December 29, 2011

In the beginning

In 1984 I became first a vegetarian for a short while and then a "fish-vegetarian" for nearly 16 years. Then I started eating chicken and turkey. That was ten years ago. I haven't touched red or pig meat for 26 years...

But a few days ago my mother, a trained nurse, encouraged me to watch a documentary "Knives over Forks" that she had found immensely inspirational. And so did I!

The film has motivated me to return to my roots and beyond ! I think I'm finally ready to embrace becoming a vegan ( with the exceptional seafood meal now and then, especially when invited for dinner at other peoples homes ) !

BUT I have promised myself to try and make each vegan meals as delicious and sumptuous as possible, so that I'll never feel that I "gave up" something to change my eating habits.

My new vegan life begins when I'm back in Sweden again (right now I'm in LA) and I', really looking forward to it!

Watch the trailer of "Forks over knives" here !