Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Jerusalem Artichoke

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Isn't it amazing that something so inconspicuous as this little root can make such a delicious soup like the one I did today! :)

Jerusalem Artichoke Soup
400 g of scrubbed Jerusalem artichoke ( peeled if not organic)
1 shallot ( I used ordinary onion because I was out of shallots)
2. 5 dl of non dairy cream ( I used one from oat milk)
lemon juice
salt & pepper

1. Scrub and sliced the roots in pieces and put them in cold water (so they don't get brown) while you fry the onions. I fried them in water as I am trying to eat as little oil as possible, you can fry them in a little butter or oil.

2. Cook the roots lightly in a little water, before adding some vegetable broth, approx 5 min.

3. Add the oat cream and cook until completly soft, approx. 10-15 minutes. then mix thoroughly with a hand mixer.

4. Sample the soup adding lemon juice, salt & pepper till the taste is just right.


Later I'm hoping to do some more cooking ;

The Beet & Spinach Salad that I didn't get to do last time.
The Chai infused Pears also that I didn't get to do last time.
A main course with chick-peas (probably something Indian)
And maybe some cookies!

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